Thursday, 19 January 2012

Creation Lab Artist: Phil Koole

Artist: Phil Koole
Company: Red Nose Ink

Phil Koole is developing a clown piece for the 2012 Fringe Festival. He is utilizing the Pochinko method of clown creation, which he studied intensively this past summer at The Clown Farm on Manitoulin Island under John Turner (of Mump and Smoot fame).  This involves intensive mask and colour work to stimulate the infinite number of creative ideas that dwell inside us all.  Clown work is highly physical and emotional, so to do this work in a space such as the Creation Lab is a huge plus.  It allows the performer to move about freely in an open and neutral space, which permits the clown to more easily enter the dream state reality that is required for clown creation.

The Clown Farm:

Phil will be performing his show during the Fringe Festival (July 4-15, 2012).  Please check back in mid June 2012 for venue and times. 

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