Friday, 20 January 2012

Open Jam # 3: Jan 24th from 12-6

On Tuesday January 24th from 12-6 why go to the coffee shop when you can come to Toronto’s most lively creation space?  Bring whatever artistic project you’re currently working on and share the space with a community of like-minded artists!  There will be actors, there will be directors, there will be writers!  

Write emails, write a play, meet actors, do homework, read a play, network, complain, chit-chat, immerse, delve, experiment!  In the Lab.  Once per month.

Our two brand new studios will be open for anyone to use as part of their creative process.  The Neville Austin Studio (Neville’s Nook) will be a multi-purpose space set up with tables, a couple comfy chairs, free wifi, some markers and brainstorming paper, tables for your meetings, some space to move around or rehearse and free coffee.  Studio B will be set up as a break-out space to be used to test creative epiphanies and brilliant ideas on their feet or in privacy.

Or click here to see a video tour of the Lab.

Email for more details or to RSVP.

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